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Hello and welcome to Great Lakes Teletherapy! My name is Leah Brock. I have a B.A., and MSW from the University of Michigan. I have been licensed by the State of Michigan as an LMSW since 2008  and have devoted myself to the study and practice of adult mental health and well-being since graduating in 2006. I specialize in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety disorders, OCD, grief and loss, caregiver stress, living with chronic illness, older adult mental health and dementia, and depression. In my experience as a social worker in both cardiovascular and geriatric medicine, my goal was to help patients explore the connections between chronic illness and their mental health. Lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, and difficulty coping have remained themes in my work, and I hope my knowledge and experience can help you thrive.

I believe that therapy helps. Even if you have no idea how it could or where to start, our work will reveal its own path. I also believe that therapy does take commitment but it can be fun and enriching. I always value the effort that my clients put into their therapy and in exchange, my clients can expect that I will always be professional, supportive, trust-worthy, engaged and positive. 


Thanks for your interest in Great Lakes Teletherapy!

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