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Nearly half of us have some form of heart disease.

The day-to-day impacts of heart disease can be tough. Living with a diagnosis can be personally challenging. Being a caregiver or loved one of someone living with heart disease can be equally difficult. Maybe you are just starting to cope with a new diagnosis and wondering what to expect. Or, perhaps you have been living with your illness for a while. Either way, it is likely that how you feel physically also affects your mood, and this is where psychotherapy can be helpful.

Managing your health can be tiring and stressful. You may feel like no one really understands. Talking about your unique experience in a safe place can help you process and learn to cope better.

If you are finding it tough to make the most of your life while being affected by heart disease, I can help! Send me an email, text, or voicemail so we can schedule a quick chat to see how I can support you.

I can help with anxiety, stress, depression and adjustment related to a range of heart diseases.

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