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Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is the most effective treatment for insomnia that exists. It typically offers fast and lasting improvements in your sleep.

Lack of consistent sleep takes a toll - sleep is a critical foundation of health and well-being. Not being able to sleep with regularity and ease negatively affects our mood, our functioning and our ability to feel our best.  

All research done on CBT-I to date has demonstrated its benefits. It is

both quickly and highly effective for a wide range of people suffering from insomnia. CBT-I remains proven to be more effective than any prescription or over-the counter medication and unlike sleeping medications, CBT-I has no known side effects and the therapeutic benefits are typically maintained for long-term. Plus, the skills learned in CBT-I can be used for a lifetime to help thwart or remedy any future bouts of trouble sleeping.

With CBT-I:

  • 75 - 80% of insomnia patients improve their sleep significantly.

  • 85 - 90% of insomnia patients reduce or eliminate their use of sleeping medications.

You may be a candidate for CBT-I if you:

  • have problems falling asleep

  • are waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night 
    and unable to fall back asleep 

  • are waking up too early

  • wish to reduce or eliminate your use of sleep medication 

  • have insomnia and sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or periodic limb movements which affect your sleep. These conditions should be assessed by a physician prior to starting CBT-I.


What to Expect in Therapy

CBT-I is a structured program typically taking between 5 - 8 weeks to complete. After assessing whether CBT-I is a good fit for you, we will plan to meet face-to-face via an easy to use technology platform for 30 - 60 minutes weekly. Through study of your sleep diary, we will spend our time discovering and discussing how you think and feel about sleep, as well as how your behaviors have been negatively impacting your sleep. 


In each of our appointments, we will build upon your progress and discuss customized implementable strategies that will help you succeed in meeting your goals for improved sleep. CBT-I can help quickly, too, with some improvement often occurring within just 1 week of starting treatment. 


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